Special Ordering

Special Ordering
K&B Hosiery does offer special ordering on certain products.

When special ordering products we do not charge an additional fee; however, we do require a minimum order of $20.00 and pre-payment of half of the order total in advance.

Please be aware that pre-payments on special orders are only refundable if we are unable to fulfill your order. The reason for this policy is because when items are special ordered this means that we are either ordering an item that we usually do not carry or we are ordering an item in a special quantity, style, size or color to meet your needs which may make it hard to re-sell.

Special orders can take anywhere from one to three weeks to arrive. We'll let you know when you order how long we think it will take to get that particular product(based on past experience with vendors and suppliers), and we'll keep you informed if there are any delays or difficulties getting your product. Special orders cannot be returned or exchanged (unless defective).

Whole sale orders also count as special orders. We do not refund whole sale orders because that inventory is specially put together and held.

If you have any questions in reference to special ordering please feel free to contact our Customer Service Department at 1-866-590-5335 or you can send us an e-mail at info@kbhosiery.com.
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